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Multi-Store Manegement System for multi-store or franchise businesses

Multi-Store System

The ultimate control tool.

«Run» your business wherever you are

Access the system from anywhere and from any device, independant of the deployment method. The cloud-based keeps your data secure while easily allowing you to check in on what’s happening at any of your locations, regardless of where you happen to be.

Deploy the system the way you want

The system can be deployed in the cloud or on premise, it's your choice.

Language and localization

All users can use their own language while interacting with the system. The system can support different currencies and tax settings based on the location of every store. In addition, receipts and menu items can be printed in each location's native language.

Single centralized view

Whether you operate 2 or 100 locations, a multi store or a franchise business and whether you operate in one of many countries, you can have a single centralized view of your business, using our powerfull and easy reporting system.
  • All sales are posted in the central system every day.
  • All till/bank cards with financial transactions are posted in the central system for cross-checking.
  • Efficient analysis of data is performed by the report-generator.

Expand easily

All system components are integrated in a way that adding a new store or franchisee is an easy task, even if the location is in a different country.
  • Store configuration is perfomed centrally.
  • Item prices, new items, register configurations, users and more are synchronized between stores and the central system.

Inventory Front Line

  • Multiple locations per item with different replenishment parameters per store.
  • Inventory transactions centrally and or in store.
  • Stock transfers between stores.

CRM & Loyalty

  • All customer data is synchronized automatically between stores and the central system.
  • Central loyalty program configuration.


  • All staff and users are configured in the central system.
  • All clock in/out cards are posted in the central system for further processing.


Create role based accounts to control access to configuration, stock information, sales data and more. The advanced security access mechanism ensures your business remains secure.


Communication between the applications is done via ssl. We provide you with our own encryption keys, but you can buy your own ssl certificates for maximizing security.
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