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Online Delivery

Online Delivery

Improve the Online Guest Experience

Whether your customers are searching on their desktop, their tablets, or their phones, they can easily order from your restaurant for their morning, afternoon, or evening fix.

  • Fully optimized for all screen sizes.
  • Customize your page, by adding your logo, background image and images for offers and items.
  • Automatic blocking of unavailable products.
  • Order tracking mechanism with great accuracy.
  • Certified integrations with payment processors.

Fully Integrated

Spend less time with Complete Integration

The order is automatically displayed in the POS software.

With the acceptance of the order, the order is printed in the preparation printers.

All customer data is synchronized with your database, so the same customer can order both from the online delivery and by telephone.

  • Automatic calculation of the delivery time, based on order status and current day's delivery times.
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