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Prognosi Cloud Console

Prognosi Cloud Console is a web-based user interface for administrators, managers and users which provides access to applications, services, and resources. Administrators can use the Console for configuring and managing applications and connecting them to services on the Prognosi Cloud Platform.
  • BackOffice

    All users can access back-office operations, configuration and reporting based on their roles.
  • Manager

    Managers can access real-time data and reports that reflect the current day's sales operations.
  • Helpdesk

    View all your support tickets. Bugs, Features, New releases and documentation.
  • Account

    Access your account. Renew your contract, Upgrade your system, buy add-ons.
  • Data exchange through private cloud technology.
  • Maximum security and encryption during data tranfer and synchronization.
  • Connects through firewalls and routers without special configuration.
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