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Point of Sale


Multiple Registers

Automatic register selection based on order type ex delivery or table, the terminal, the day and/or the time.
  • Every register can have different pricelist, menu, discounts, combos and more.
  • In every register a different kitchen and preparation routing can be assigned.
  • Training mode for training new staff, without posting transactions.
  • All users can use their own language while interacting with the system.


Adapts to your own menu

Highly configurable menu in a tree form with unlimited depth and abiblity to configure every single button.

Multiple menus based on order-type, register, day and time.

  • Material and comments for every item grouped in families.
  • For every material, modifiers can be configured.
  • Item dimensions in one, two or three levels ex. pizza.


Cash Management

Detailed shift reports with starting money, balance and differences.

All financial transaction are loged in the shift report for cross-checking.

Money can be entered in denomination and checks, vouchers etc can be accounted too.

  • One or more open tills for every work station.
  • Till can be shared for all users in a single station.
  • Staff bank that can be used from every work station or mobile terminal.
  • Pay Outs, customer refunds, AR payments and other transactions can be performed.
  • Cash drawer openings are loged in shift report also.
  • The till can be "parked" for counting at a later time.


Security and cross-check

  • Cash.
  • Credit card
  • Customer accounts
  • Coupons and Giftcards.
  • Custom payment types.
  • Total amount payment with a single button.
  • Every payment is registered in a till or bank card for cross-checking.
  • A payment type can be configured so that no change is permitted.
  • Tips related to the used payment method.


Flexibility and Security.

  • Amount.
  • Percent.
  • Coupons and Giftcards.
  • Pricebook.
  • Consumption.
  • In two one gift e.t.c.
  • You can define the exact combinations of items that the discount can be applyied.
  • The discount can be applyied in items or in the whole order.
  • Automatic application of a peyment if cetrain conditions are met.
  • Configure minimum amount, min and max items, and max amount of times the dicount can be applyed in an order.


Automatic price management

Combos & Offers, Pricelists...

Create combos with specific items combinations and advanced configuration options.

  • Mutiple pricelists.
  • For every material different prices can be configured per price-group.
  • For every modifier in a specific material different prices can be configured per price-group.
  • The price-group can be automatically assigned based on order-type, terminal, table, day and time.

X Reports

View, check, print!Single X report with sales analysis, payments, hourly sales, sales by user, by register and more.
  • Item, categories and sub-categories X report.
  • Discount X report, by discount type, user, hour and more.
  • Cancellation and void report.
  • Payment report by payment type, user and details for every transaction.
  • Delivery dispatch and receive reports, late orders.


Flexible routing

Unlimited preparation stations.

Every item can be routed in one or more preparation stations automatically.

  • The whole order can be printed separately.
  • Routing can be differentiated based on order-type and register.
  • Every preparation stations can be printer or kds.
  • Forward from a preparation station to another in case of failure.
  • Delays in kitchen hold items.


Receipts in 80mm printers.

Invoices in 80mm printers or A4 printer.

Ordering slips for restaurants;

  • Cancel receipt.
  • Reprint receipt os invoice.
  • Print multiple copies automatically.
  • Optional fiscalization or cash register integration.


Easy clock in/out

Time cards are created.

The users can record the time they start and end their shifts.

  • Open and close staff card from every terminal.
  • Usage of PIN, magnetic or barcode staff card for clocking in and out.
  • Staff cards can be edited by the manager.

Day Close

Fast day close.

Supports 24hour operations.

  • Automatic print of selected reports on day close.
  • Special fiscal report with receipts, invoices and vat/tax analysis.


  • Availability of every command can be determined automatically based on order type, spesific terminal, day, time...
  • Access for every command is based on the user's permissions.
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